Thursday, August 18, 2005


I love my gay friends. There are mostly honest about who they are, what they are about and what they hoped for life in spite having to live in a deceit for some times in their life.
The only things that make them strange is their sexual deviance. Their preference to a sexual gender that, we as society cant agree on.
Unfortunately for them, expulsion from society grace has been used as a fodder to inspiration to live their life as normally as possible. Even history vouch for their sexual historic and its significant in placating civilizations, oppressions of their kinds never failed to co-exists with its suggested normallancy.
Despite not becoming homosexual, bi-sexual, asexual (whatever that means), pedophilic or anything of sexual deviant, I understand and somewhat emphatize the struggles these individuals have to go through in living a normal life. They want to be judged by their abilities, consciousness and hopefully their input to task but not through their sexual preference.
My gay friends as the word may suggest are extremely “gay” people. Happy beyond real but I think it’s fairly to assume that the façade can’t be kept forever and their intuition towards anything negative is heighten due to their struggles.
I salute you my dear gay friends for having the courage to accept who you are and as well make compromises, realistic and fair compromises along the way just in hope to fit in. Fit in a world that is not theirs to begin with but it belongs to you, me and everyone that cares for it. Though my sexual preference for girls won’t change anytime soon, my ideas and comprehension of what is deviant is no longer there. For saying this I may go against all ethics and moral rules that are in place but aren’t rules meant to be broken?
For my lesbian friends. Thank you for being open to what underneath you, literally or non-literally. Given a chance I would cut an arm for a threesome or hell make it a five some where the whole lot of you girls get the freak on with me. But I will still respect your decision to be left alone with your own lovers. To be respected for the person that you are, for what you are capable of contributing to the world that wants so badly to shun you immediately. Let me be the barrier of hope and strength for you to accept that not everyone is ready to give up on you. Whatever confusions that may arise in doing what you feel right let me be the source that says. “It’s ok”. For you are my friend, no matter who you want to fuck at the end of the day. As long it is not me, in the ass, I be fine with it.